Capture® Capture®

Affordable Technology to Detect Site Visitors Environment and Settings

Companies interested in designing an optimal user experience need to understand who is accessing their website and the technology being utilized to define the user experience

Capture provides a comprehensive technical profile of website users, from browser settings to geographic location. There are over 135 data points available. Capture can be used to analyze web-user trends, ensuring an optimal web experience and thereby yielding higher lead conversion and ROI. It can be used in real time to route individuals based on the details of their environment, or saved for later segmentation and analysis.

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Information Captured Includes:

  • Country of origin
  • Browser/platform settings and versions
  • Window and screen sizes
  • Security settings
  • Language and time zone settings
  • Downloaded programs, media players, etc.
  • Connection type and speed

Advantages of Capture

  • Access to more than 135 data points about web users
  • Includes PCs and mobile devices
  • Fastest and most accurate service available in the industry
  • Real-time delivery
  • No dedicated hardware or infrastructure required
  • Optimal user experience

How It Works

Capture uses proprietary technology that is consistent with privacy and data protection laws. When a user accesses your service, Capture collects a large number of data points from the individual's computer and provides this information to you in real time. The process is invisible to the user and does not interfere with the user experience. Information collected can be delivered in real time or, you have the option to receive it in a reporting interface tool giving you the ability to slice and dice the data.